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New Model - Wishbone Cruise Balance Bike!

New Model - Wishbone Cruise Balance Bike!

Wishbone Design in New Zealand have launched a brand new 2 wheel balance bike perfect for kids aged 2+. Based on design concepts mirroring the 1950's motorbike of old this new model brings something new to the Balance Bike market, 14" wheels! These larger wheels make for a smoother ride for your little one.

Sustainably sourced materials make this a great choice for saving planet earth.

Design, ride and quality build - another winner from Wishbone!

Moving from a Balance Bike to a Pedal Bike

Balance bike with child riding

If you are graduating from a Run Bike (Balance Bike) to a Pedal bike here is a good tip.

Your child will already have a good handle on balance. The thing they need to learn is pedalling so start them learning on a gradual slope. This way the bike will coast down slowly while they work on figuring out the pedalling. Balance is natural to them at this stage so if they only have to worry about pedalling it makes it an easier transition.

New FirstBIKE bike colours now available

New FirstBIKE Colours to Canada

Good news Canada! We now have FirstBIKE CROSS models available in Orange and FirstBIKE STREET models available in Light Blue and Orange also. These are open for orders now and add a great new look to extend an already great balance bike range. These colours are new to Canada.

We also have all other FirstBIKE accessories and extras back in stock. You can check out the new colours on the links below:



The importance of a bike helmet for kids

Kids Bike Helmet - Canada

We can't stress enough the importance of teaching kids to ride their balance bikes while always wearing a helmet. We have a rule - no helmet, no ride. Even though it may seem like they are too small to get up enough speed, or they are so close to the ground they won't fall far, the truth is they can seriously hurt themselves if riding without a helmet. Kids can still fall off their bike, and they can get some serious speed on these little run bikes, don't be fooled!

Welcoming Kinderbike to Run Bike Canada

Kinderbike Canada

For years we've had people asking us when we would get the Kinderbike range in stock. We're very happy to welcome Kinderbike to Run Bike Canada. The first two models in the range are the Kinderbike Laufrad 2015 and the Kinderbike mini. Both are available in different colours and offer different features. You get a spare seat pole, brake reflector and more. 


Get your bikes ready - Summer is almost here again

Strider 16" Balance Bike

It's 2015 and for those of us on the West Coast it's been a very mild winter. Vancouver last weekend almost felt like Winter. For those of you on the East Coast it hasn't been easy but hopefully Spring is glimmering on the horizon. The most recent updates to balance bikes this year include the inclusion of the Wishbone 3-in-1 Recycled Edition, this is reportedly the most adjustable Balance Bike on the market. It starts as a 3-in-1 trike and converts to a 2 wheeled balance bike. It also has an adjustable centre which results in loads of height options.

Give the perfect kids bike as a Gift for Christmas

Balance Bike Gift Guide Christmas

There are so many reasons a Balance Bike is the perfect gift for any kid you know this Christmas. Not only does a bike give toddlers the freedom they embrace, but it also gives them the gift of confidence and balance. We have a great range of bike available online but if you need some help choosing a bike for your kids, or grandkids, or even someone else's kids, here are our 3 bestselling balance bikes for Christmas this year:

Run Bike welcomes the Wishbone 3-in-1 Recycled Edition to Canada

Wishbone 3-in-1 Recycled Edition to Buy

We're super excited to annouce we now have the Wishbone 3-in-1 Recycled Edition balance bike available to buy. This RE edition is made using 100% post recycled materials, in fact, they gather carpets from all over the USA and process it into a strong and sturdy frame. WIth the new model they have also introduced a new proprietary RotafixTM system which allows even more flexibility in how you fit the bike for your child. 

FirstBIKE Canada delivery update for June/July


Hello to all our wonderful customers! We know you've all been waiting patiently for new FirstBIKE stock to arrive in Canada and we appreciate your patience. We have an update that the arrival in Canada will be first week of July. We then need them to clear customs and hopefully we'll have them available for sale for you closely after. 

If you would like to be added to the announcement notification when they arrive email us via our contact form so we can let you know as soon as possible.


Run Bike Team


Welcome to a new line of Strider Balance Bikes - 3 new models

We're excited to now offer the latest Strider Balance bikes announced this week. Strider now have three main models to choose from: The CLASSIC, the SPORTS and the PRO. 

The CLASSIC has a low price of only $99 and comes with all the features you'll be used to from Strider. The Strider SPORTS model is lighter, has a new padded seat, comes in a wide range of colours (including Black), and has the additional seat pole extender to make it a better fit for taller kids. The PRO is the top of the line Strider bike.