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Wishbone Balance Bike Canada
Wishbone Balance Bike review by CR

Love it!! She's too small right now. But it was super easy and quick to assemble. And the cardboard box was equally as fun for her to play with lol!

FirstBIKE STREET Balance Bike review by Kelly

My 2 year old daughter loves this bike. I like that it's so light so when she falls it doesn't hurt her. The light weight is also good if I need to carry it.

FirstBIKE STREET Balance Bike review by Kevvy

Bought the bike for my 21month old girl. I also got the lowering kit, she can just barely fit the bike. She took it out a few times and seems to like it. Winter is coming soon in Toronto.

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New FirstBIKE Colours to Canada

Good news Canada! We now have FirstBIKE CROSS models available in Orange and FirstBIKE STREET models available in Light Blue and Orange also.

Kids Bike Helmet - Canada

We can't stress enough the importance of teaching kids to ride their balance bikes while always wearing a helmet. We have a rule - no helmet, no ride.

Kinderbike Canada

For years we've had people asking us when we would get the Kinderbike range in stock. We're very happy to welcome Kinderbike to Run Bike Canada.

Get the latest Strider Bikes, Wishbone Balance Bikes, FirstBIKE, Kazam Bikes and more at the Run Bike Shop, Canada.

We own run bikes (or Balance Bikes) so we know the amazing benefits they bring in helping to teach your child essential life skills. By using run bikes your child can learn balance, gain confidence and increase important development skills without needing excessive coaching or training. In fact, by giving your child the gift of a balance bike you give them the opportunity to avoid needing training wheels. Don't take our word for it, have a look around the site and see the photos, read the articles and watch the videos that demonstrate how great these simple, yet effective learning bikes can be.

Try our Run Bike Comparison Chart or our Run Bike buyers guide.

We are happy to be based in Vancouver, Canada (when it's not raining) and deliver running bikes throughout Canada including Vancouver, Victoria,Toronto, Calgary, Saskatchewanan and elsewhere.

Warning: Your child may become very mobile once they have learnt to ride on a balance bike. Be prepared to keep up!